Mr Draghi did it again – 22/10/15

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Mr. Draghi did it again ! Amazing what influence this man can have. Even if he says nothing concrete, he moves the global markets. He barely finished his speech, and the stock markets are raised everywhere, in Europe with 2.50% (Stoxx 50) and the United States with 1.50% (S & P500). Everyone expected more QE, but in reality, the ECB boss revealed nothing. He said he will review the situation again in December, and reiterated that he will use “all possible means” if necessary to achieve an inflation rate of around 2%. For the rest, he told some positive stuff. He mentioned that the consumption in the Euro area is resilient, and an improvement is observed in lending to businesses and households. But that was already known. On the one hand there are some concerns about the weakness of external demand (emerging markets), but on the other hand the sensitivity (vulnerability) of Europe to the slowdown in the Chinese economy has to be relativized. And as always, Mario Draghi stressed the urgent need to implement structural reforms in the different countries. “QE is not the only game in town” he said.

i am still a little surprised of the violence with which the stock exchanges rose. But one cannot stay idly when such a move happens. This afternoon I sold the remaining “short” positions of the portfolio. Thus, the “net” equity exposure of the portfolio increases from 32 to 36%.

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