Novacap Asset Management – Investment strategy – 10/11/2016

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With the high level of uncertainty of last months events, NOVACAP has progressively shifted the asset allocation of its clients to defensive strategies and reduced the beta exposure of most portfolios. Also in these difficult times politically driven, most long short have proven not to been able to generate alpha. All in all most portfolios […]

Investment Management – weekly meeting – 03/11/15

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We persist in thinking that the continuing rise of the stock markets is de-correlated from the fundamentals. We are clearly involved in a momentum play, encouraged by the “Halloween Indicator” and market operators speculating on more help from central banks, especially from the ECB. All independent funds managers are agreeing on this…

Investment Management – weekly meeting – 27/10/15

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Today the financial gurus talk about the “Halloween Indicator” being well oriented… It means that stock prices perform always best between November 1st and May 1st. It’s simply another name (seasonally adapted) for the “sell in May and go away” adagio. The sell in May worked particularly well this year. Let’s see if the Halloween […]